Frequently Asked Questions

Do you permit the use of cannabis in your apartments?
Although Cannabis is being legalized, City Centre Property Management does not allow smoking or growing Cannabis in any of our buildings, both recreationally or medically.

How can I pay my deposit?
Money order, bank draft, or email transfer

How do I pay my rent?
You pay your rent by pre-authorized debit. Town Homes and Homes are paid by post-dated cheques. Sorry, we do not accept cash, debit, or credit.

Are pets allowed?
We will accept a house cat that has proof of being spayed or neutered, declawed or soft-pawed, and all shots up to date. We accept a dog in our homes and town homes only - not in our apartment complexes. We do not accept any other types of pets.

Do I need tenant insurance?
Yes, we require 1 million tenant liability insurance in our complexes.

Do you do short term leases?
Our most common lease is our yearly lease. However, we do short term lease as well.

Do I do an inspection before I move in?
We do in and out inspections with our tenants at all properties.

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